LEAP Legal Software

At G-CATS Geelong Computer and Training Services we have the first Victorian external LEAP Certified Consultant but also the first combined LEAP Certified Consultant and IT Partner for Victoria. 

Louella is our  LEAP Certified Consultant that is part of the LEAP Partner Network as well as being one of the Certified LEAP IT Partners here at G-CATS. 

As LEAP IT Partners we have experience in providing computer hardware, networks and environments that are suitable for LEAP software.

Our LEAP IT Professionals and accredited LEAP ICN can provide assistance with the installation, customisation and training of LEAP software, MYOB and Xero.

This accreditation provides us with direct access to the National Help Desk and LEAP Client Space, so that we can better assist our clients.

We provide the following services:

  • Installation and training of LEAP
  • Onsite and remote assistance for all LEAP users
  • Assistance with LEAP to LEAP transitions and transitions to LEAP from other software packages
  • Induction and New Features training

  • Bookkeeper training

  • Precendent customisation training

  • Technical assistance and training with LEAP Office V10

  • Configure the intergration between LEAP and MYOB or Xero

  • Migration from MYOB to Xero

  • LEAP Office V10 (LEAP Accounting v10, LEAP Documents v10) training
  • Customised training to suit your needs and requirements
  • Customisation of precedents, Word bills, and containers for all versions of LEAP
  • Assistance with your MYOB or Xero requirements

Call us on 03 52297121 or email leap@g-cats.com.au to discuss how we can help you with your LEAP requirements.